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Cordless Telescopic Foldaway Fan

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The Foldaway Fan is the amazing, powerful little fan that you can charge up and take with you for a full-sized fan but in a small, portable, collapsible design! The Foldaway Fan has a telescopic stand that extends to 1 metre and collapses onto a self-contained portable size that fits in your hand luggage or bag and only weighs less than two pounds. With up to 10 hours of power from a single charge of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you can position The Foldaway Fan on the floor by your bed for a full night of cooling, targeted air. It’s so powerful it can be felt cross the room so you and your partner can sleep cool at night. The Foldaway Fan has three speeds for total cooling control and a whisper-quiet motor, so it won’t keep you awake at night or disturb your meal, party or poolside relaxation. Wherever you need personal, cool air you can take the rechargeable, portable, powerful Foldaway Fan.


The beauty of the Foldaway Fan is its portability. Unlike most fans that require access to a plug socket and so need to be kept at home, the Foldaway Fan has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that will give you up to ten hours of cooling! This means you can charge it up all day and have it wherever you need it at night to get a cool night’s sleep. Or you can take it into the office for desk-mounted cooling ALL DAY! Take it anywhere- on a train, to a hotel, on holiday, wherever you go, the Foldaway Fan can go too!


The Foldaway Fan has a telescopic stand that extends to a metre long. This means you can set your the Foldaway Fan on the floor by your bed, extend the stand, and have that cool air breezing above bed level across you and your partner all night. You can stand the Foldaway Fan in the corner of a room and fill the whole space with cool air. Have it extended on your desk, or a table, pointing down so it acts like a ceiling fan, cooling from above. Or, of course you can set the height at whatever you want. It’s always at the perfect height, and angle, to maximise its cooling potential.


When extended, the Foldaway Fan is a tall, effective, powerful fan. But, once collapsed, it becomes a neat, compact and easy-to-store portable accessory! Weighting less than 2lbs, My Foldaway Fan can be easily fitted into luggage, overhead storage, under a bed or chair, or in a cupboard or drawer. It’s so compact and easy to put away, or carry, until you need it again!




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