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White Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator – 460 x 1600 mm

Code: 820-315V00WT


  • Slim, on-wall design: This panel radiator is easy to fix to the wall, without taking up much space. Attach to your wall in the bedroom, living room, hallway – wherever you want. Needs to be professionally fitted, connects to the central heating system.

  • Water filled, 5242 BTU: Highly-efficient heating for your space. Radiator heats up quickly AND cools down slowly – the best of both worlds. Safer than oil-filled versions.

  • Carbon steel structure: Tough metal casing, durable and strong. Main panelled body is finished in a modern matte colour for effortless style.

  • Double layered: Provides heat quicker, warming up your room to a comfortable and cosy level quickly.

  • Dimensions: 160H x 45.6Wcm. Coverage: 14㎡.

Keep your home heated and cosy, in a place you want with this panel radiator. The slimline panel design means you cat attach it to the wall, without it taking up much space. Made from carbon steel, it is tough and sturdy and allows the inner water to flow freely for maximum heat output. The water filling is much safer than oil-filled radiators. The matte finish is versatile, easy to work into your current home style.

  • Water-filled design for even heat. Safer than oil-filled radiators. Covers a 14㎡ sized area

  • Double layer design provides plenty of heat, warms up the room well

  • On-wall design to keep the space it takes up at a minimum

  • 5242 BTU means it’s powerful and heats up a large area

  • Pre-assembled, but requires professional installation. Valve not included




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