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AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCT. Genuine Wonderdry Brand! Wonderdry Umbrellas are the faster, easier and drier way to head outside in the pouring rain. Reverse open and fold technology – instead of opening outwards, it opens from inside to out. Simply poke it outside through an open door, press the button and it automatically pops open. Stops water from soaking your carpet or car seat – when folded, it pulls the wet side inwards. Windproof and waterproof umbrella has an open diameter of 106cm and folded size of 75cm.

Bog-standard brollies are too wide to fit through a door which means you can’t open them inside your house or car. Instead, you have to head outside and get soaked in the rain. Wonderdry Umbrellas are specially designed to combat this age-old problem. Instead of opening outward, they open from inside to out. Simply poke the end of the umbrella through the crack of an open door, press the button and it will automatically pop open without getting stuck. The waterproof and windproof brolly – which has been tested in gusts of 60mph – also stops water from dripping on your carpet or car seat. When you fold it up, it pulls the wet side in. This traps the water inside it. You’ll never go back to your old brolly again! Specifications: 100% polyester material. Diameter when open: 106cm. Length when closed: 75cm.

Checkout our youtube video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEiBuhum2kM



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